Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wrapping it up... thirty days of thanks

November 30

Wrapping up this month of gratitude with that for which I am most thankful: my Redeemer. He lives.

Even though I'm entering my favorite season (have I ever told you I'm a Christmas crack whore? the decorations, the baking, the relationships with family and friends, the entire meaning of the whole thing: I just love it all!) without any outward signs - I won't decorate the condo when I'll just have to take it down in a week, and I can't do anything at the house yet - I'm still so in love with this time of year. People's hearts seem softer, their outlook on life more kind. Perhaps I tend to paint everything with sunshine and rainbows, except NO I DON'T! Read the post below!

I know that this is not a joyous season for everyone. Maybe that adds to my gratitude. I've been saved from so much, and I'm not unaware of the suffering in this world. I have even tasted some of it. What makes it all bearable is that this is not my home, my hope is not here, I am just a stranger in this land. I know a woman who used big Blake's death to convince her that there was no God, and I shake my head in disbelief that a heart could go there.

Without my Jesus, what have I left? I certainly don't always love my circumstances, but the idea that I know better than the Author of the universe is awfully proud - and, well, I struggle with that, at times too. I'm so glad that I do not have to understand it all on this messy earth. I do not have to wrap my tiny little head around the profound pain that exists in a fallen world. All I can really do is cling to the Lord, my Rock and my Salvation, and trust that HE IS GOOD. I wish I were braver to share this need with others in person, but I am a wienie, so here you go:

You need Jesus, and He loves you more than you could possibly imagine.

God is good. All the time!

All the time, God is good. I love Him so.

Now I need to go do something involving glitter... you know, for Christmas.


Kayla Powell said...

I like this post.

I like you.

gailzee said...

Ah-men. "The Gift" is for everyone and you detailed it beautifully.