Thursday, December 29, 2011


I have learned that, though I am eager to host people now that we have room to do it, two near-straight weeks of hosting others (beloved though they are) leaves me spent. I reached a point that I foolishly expressed to my mother and sister:

"I'm ready for everyone to go away and leave me alone... for the dishes to stay done for more than an hour, for the floor to stay swept, to not have to think about what I have that will feed everyone THIS meal."

They were gracious and understanding, sort of. Apparently sweet Momica went to a wedding and told friends she'd become like the smell of a dead fish in my nostrils. Not QUITE a direct quote, MOTHER!

While it's glorious to have space, to welcome friends, and to share in our blessing with others, I think I may have ODed on my first go-round. It's time to weed through the remaining boxes in the garage, find our framed things to hang on the walls, and be ruthless with the alarming number of toys Blake's accumulated. Turns out that, while diligent about the quantity of playthings in our condo, I neglected to keep track of how many boxes of toys were accruing in the garage. We've found almost all of them, and Blake and his cousins have been joyously playing with obscene quantities of superheroes, motorcycles/trucks, John Deere, Transformers, and Star Wars miscellany. I'm about to pour some cold water on all that, because MY WORD.

Third World countries have fewer quality toys than one child with eight grandparents and some awfully indulgent aunts and uncles (pretty sure Rob and I have stayed above the fray, but please don't ask about how the quantity of Legos figures into the equation, because my hypocrisy knows no bounds).

I have photos for you on my camera, waiting to be shared, but first to Costco and the grocery store. Blake's coming down hard, asking if we're doing anything "special" today. Post-Christmas normalcy is a real let-down, but I think I can manage an ice cream cone and a movie, once some of the laundry is done. And one of the benefits of the holidays will be the bag of mint M&Ms that accompany us on our errands.

I might even share with him.


Momica said...

Listen here -you better share with him I left them behind for a goodwill offering! HA

Laurie said...

I love your mom's comment. Monica cracks me up. I too enjoy hosting family and friends and all of the chaos that goes along with it. I also enjoy standing on my front steps waving bye bye abd thinking AHH I get my house back. That is okay.

Noel said...

I say, make him get his own. Mint M&Ms only come around once a year.

Genevieve West said...

I was totally stressed out the moment that Dad, Mom, Grandma and Aunt Jackie unloaded their things into my house. After the 2nd day, Eric reminded me to drink more wine. And something wonderful happened: Other people washed the dishes, took the garbage out, cleared the table, and picked up the toys that they'd all brought for the kids. They even ordered take out and cooked a couple meals. Not to rub it in, but vino is magical :)