Tuesday, January 31, 2012

that's what she said

A dear friend was non-plussed by my coy reference to a baby rather than naming a specific gender and told me I was being mean for holding out on her.

Aside: I think it's fun to wait for the surprise to look forward to after labor and delivery... but a very close second reason to wait is that it's so profoundly annoying/irritating/horrifying/dismaying to those around me. If Rob had really wanted to know, we'd have found out, but he's taking a "No uterus, no opinion" stance so far. It's really kind of him. And smart.

In response to being told I'm withholding and mean, the following text conversation ensued:

A: You're fun to tease. Look at how uncharacteristically patient I am!
J: Why are you choosing now to be patient?! You really not finding out?
A: LOL. Really don't know. On either count. We didn't know with Blake, and I thought it was fun!
J: You are crazy. That's torture to me, not fun. I'm going to send a bright pink outfit, even if it's a boy. He has to wear it.
A: And I will send you photos to prove it. He'll have been called "Marilla" for most of his short life, might as well dress the part!
J: Definitely. Jenna was called "Jomas" for the 8 months I was pregnant. Good times. Just be sure to blog lots about them too so they resent you for that when they're older. One day Jenna will do a "That's What She Said" when I'm senile.
A: It will serve us right. I figure it's our job as parents to give them things to tell the therapist. Otherwise we've not done a good job, right?
J: Absolutely. Now send a belly picture. I want to see Marilla.
A: Only for you. Got to find a mirror that will work. (Awkward search ensues, where I realize that all our bathroom mirrors are framed and hung too tall for such a thing. I finally grab a full-length mirror I've yet to hang, prop it so that the background immediately behind my bump is a plain wall, and awkwardly angle the mirror and my phone to capture a photo wherein I don't have to bend my knees to fit in the frame. Rob just watched, bemused. And probably confused.)
A: My ass is as big as my tummy.
J: Not true. You are so cute and so small. Love it!! You're the best to send a pic. Made my night.
A: Well, good. Rob and I have a plan to post pics of HIS belly for the first few. I've done nothing but lose weight so far.
J: That's nice for a while, I'm sure, but baby needs those calories. Wish I were there to help. I'm good at eating.
A: My new goal: gestational diabetes.

She concluded by requesting a blog post entitled "Shit Women Say in Labor." We'll see what I can do, because what I remember from last time is that pain of that caliber simply makes me whimper (at least until the drugs kicked in). Course, I wasn't really myself at that time, so Rob may be very very right to be scared for this go-round!

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