Saturday, January 7, 2012

this one's for mrs. sherfey

Sister-in-love, I'm sorry it's almost a month late. :/ You, I'm sure, understand, since Christmas and more visitors and unpacking and a week of total lethargy have happened since taking the photos I was originally to publish for you. Enjoy! (Everyone else: you can enjoy too, but as far as YOU'RE concerned, I'm not late at all!)

Ok everyone, ignore the fact that it's apparently snowing indoors, let's just show Rachel that we are NOT having ANY fun without her. None.
C: I AM smiling.
A: No, we're showing Rachel how we miss her. We're frowning.
C: Well, I'm doing that too.

Rob's shelf, filled with nerdy things that had Blake distracted every time I sent him upstairs.
The secret door, which has been really fun to show people, who FREAK OUT!
Rob's lair (I hate the term "man cave"), which I love. He can do whatever he likes with the decor up in here, and I never have to see it if I don't want to. Not in frame: the Snuggie, which he is unashamed about loving and wearing while working.
What I married into. It's only a matter of time until Joyce and I are converted to the (wildly expensive) dark side of smart phones.
Cuties, working on a Christmas sticker book.
"Come out, baby!" Sawyer likes to encourage the baby in his momma's tummy to come see him. He now knows to do the same with my tummy, and will also tell you about the baby in HIS tummy.
Careful when wrestling with the Sawdog: he's a bruiser and goes at you head first!
Chatting up a grandparent. He's become such a little dude, and if he's not pacing when he gets on the phone, he holds this pose.
Brekky at the Bedfords' this morning, with friends Joel (left) and Kale (right).


Noel said...

I also have a pink snuggy that I unabashedly wear. It keeps my arms warm! It keeps me from turning the heat up! It saves me money! I love that thing! I don't, however, put Arthur's on him (yep, he has one, too, someone got us as a gag gift), or dance with it on ridiculously at football games. I don't even GO to football games, promise.

Grammie Perrine said... are funny..and clever...and dear..Love love love the pic with Pawpaw and Sawyer..Love Y O U!

Kayla Powell said...

I love that picture of Sauce and Papa Meyers!

I also flipped out about that secret door - via picture. Matt used to have a 'secret door' in his room as a teenager. He kept candy (and possibly an illegal substance or two?) in there...all I know is that I was the only sister with whom he shared the candy :) Hoopah!

Go secret doors!

Rachel Sherfey said...

I LOVE my pictures and I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you :)