Tuesday, July 10, 2012

another round of pics

I have yet to get all MY photos from my camera, but until then, here are the last from my mom. I also need Lane's pics from when she was here, because there are some heart-meltingly cute ones of Vesper and Bing (he has a particularly soft spot for babies).

Gunner George! Reese hosted us for dinner the day I left the hospital (I think), just so we could all be together without overwhelming me too much. Plus our sod was so new that the kids wouldn't have been able to play on it, which is lame.

Audrey Claire! Lane had taken her to Target and some random lady had commented on the cute little boy, so Audgie was consigned to frills and flowers the rest of her time here. Gotta make it obvious, people!

Dressed up like a doll in some of the many clothes Auntie Lane brought with her. I've had quite the time getting her in everything at least once before she outgrows it!

With limited space for sleeping people, Maddox sacked out for a nap on the couch.

Pretty in pink, practice for a family photo Mom made happen the week after she was born, with EVERYONE (so far) in it.

Oops, the flower slipped. "It's as big as my face, Mom!"

The card making station: we all made cards to send to Great-Grammie (Mom's mom), because days after Vesper was born, GG was having emergency open-heart surgery for two major blockages. She's doing well now, praise God!

The three most recent grandies (#12, #13, and #14 of GG's fourteen great-grandkids... nine of which come from us Myers girls). Audrey (center) is the oldest, born in late January. Gunner (right) entered in mid-February. Vesper is one week old here and is downright swarthy compared to her golden-cheeked cousins!

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gailzee said...

What an absolute treat for me last night getting to meet baby Vesper for the first time! I am in love with all these brand new additions! What adorable babies! You girls and guys done good!! :)