Wednesday, October 31, 2012

trick or treat!

 Leia and Commander Rex.

 Leia is not impressed. I will try to get a more cheerful picture of her in this, because when she smiles, it's absolutely adorable! Blake wore the mask a tiny bit, but it hampered things like seeing after dark, and it smooshed his nose something fierce.

Three of the daring marauders who plundered yon village. Even Rob and I have quite a haul, mostly because only four groups of trick-or-treaters made it this far north in our subdivision. The homes get a bit few and far between, and I'm kicking myself for buying the enormous goodie bag from Costco, when a single bag of fun-sized Snickers would have been plenty!


Brenden Johnson said...

That Leia hat is awesome!
Did you make that? Or where did you find it?

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh you weren't kidding when you said Vesper's costume was so worth the switch! Awesome!