Monday, January 21, 2013

sweeter than sweet

This morning, I heard a knock on the bathroom door as I was showering. "It'll have to wait!" I said loudly, and I finished my shower and began my morning preparations. Over half an hour later, I came out and did not see Blake in the kitchen, dining room, living room. The light in his room was off, but I heard Vesper's half-whine, half-chat coming clearly from her room.

Blake had been knocking to tell me that Vesper was awake. When I didn't appear right away, he dragged the rocker in her room over to her crib, tugged her as close to the side nearest him as possible, and began reading her stories to soothe her. He did not stop to come get me again, because he said she'd start to cry even harder. I kissed his head and told him how proud I am of him, and what a great big brother he is to our little VeeBee.

We began vision therapy for Blake last week, in efforts to correct his inward-turning eye and the difficulty he has focusing on things near him with both eyes (shorthand: we're working on the turning, the focus, and the tracking of his eyes). The homework involves time wearing his eye patch, and as I sat across the table from him last night, Vesper on my lap, he pulled his patch on.

Vesper let out a peal of giggles.

Blake giggled back.

The room filled with joyful noise as we all laughed, delightedly, at one another. "Homework is going to be fun if she does that every day!" Blake said cheerfully, as he turned to his first exercise.

I sure hope so.


lanerdoo said...

Happy post! I love hearing about sweet, tender sibling moments :)

Unknown said...

I could use a big brother like Blake. could I borrow him for a year or two, love Grammie

gailzee said...

I am reading your post and thinking what a clever and sweet brother Blake is! In the future I know that bond will be tested a times but right now it is just priceless and endearing. I'm so happy that VeeBee thinks the patch is funny...that will make the whole episode easier on everybody!My love to all of you!