Sunday, April 7, 2013

a little good news? yes, please!

My little friend has done pretty well this last week! Her second round of chemotherapy (part of a clinical trial) is done, and there hasn't been a recurrence of immature leukemic cells (blasts) in her blood. Praise God! She's also been cheerful, has been eating more, and has gained a little weight. Take a look at this sweet face and just try not to fall in love!

Unfortunately, she has RSV again, which involves an unpleasant anti-viral treatment that she loathes. Please pray for peace and effective healing, so that she can move into the transplant phase. There is still no end in sight, so while I'm rejoicing in the recent news, I'm still praying for miracles; for healing; for strength and comfort for the whole family; for God's will, grace, and love to shine over and above everything.

Our own small piece of good news that we hope will have big blessings for our family: tonight is Rob's last evening shift. This week, he starts with a new division at Oracle, one that both makes him more marketable in the long run AND has him working "normal" hours. I think both Blake and I will be most affected. Blake, because he'll get to see his dad for more than just a quick meal on Mon/Tues/Wed, and me, because I'll get to begin and end the day with my husband. Rob's schedule since marriage has been thus: freelance videographer (that is, unemployed), 50-60 hours/week at Vann's (making a pittance if sales were down), nights and weekends at RightNow/Oracle (we almost never get up or go to bed together, because his body's timetable is 4-5 hours later than mine). Unfortunately, this change comes with a significant pay cut - hopefully just short term - but we're confident that God will provide.

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Unknown said...

Praying that both items will be only in the short term: that Rob will get a raise quickly and that Allistaire's condition will be one that her family looks back on one day and says, "Yes, when she was little. But not now!"

Love to you!