Wednesday, April 17, 2013

little miss blue eyes

Vesper is ten months old, so I guess I'd better post her eight-month and nine-month pictures. And then TAKE the ten-month pictures.

She's healthy as can be, eating lots of baby food (still not QUITE happy about things with too much texture - she just gags) that I am making by the gallon (seriously, I made seven different varieties for her yesterday, at LEAST a quart of each), and finally sprouted tooth number two next to her first. She's very close to crawling, mostly because she gets so distressed if we walk away from her without, you know, taking her with us. We also have a friend with a baby that's about six weeks younger who has been crawling for a while now, zipping around Vesper like nobody's business.

 Eight months old, in a smock that Reese made for her! This also marks the last time she'll really sit still for these portraits.

Nine months. Every time I would arrange EB (Easter Bunny) and sit back to take the picture, V would move the bunny.

 As in, "Get this thing out of here. I'M A STAR!"

 "Seriously. Just try to stop me."

So I called in extra help:
And the look on her face makes me laugh every time. She loves being upside down!


lanerdoo said...

Cute! I love the last one. What a sweet little face :) It is funny that she moves the bunny but still sits nicely while you snap her pic, Audrey just revolts and flails around…Vesper is a sweetie, you got a good one there.

Molly said...

THe upside-down pic is my favorite. It also gives us a good glimpse of those adorable pants. Hello, mini-person!

Grammie Perrine said...

That's a cute little baby girl you got there! C U T I E. P I E!

gailzee said...

Always photograph that baby against a blue wall...those eyes are striking! Absolutely adorable! I loved getting to visit with her Friday!She made some of the best faces...with that full face smile!