Tuesday, May 7, 2013

winning at life

My daughter managed to get poop on me today.


Hours apart.

I think what she's trying to convey is that "Vesper rules, Mom drools." Except that she's also quite drooly, so it's very confusing. She's almost barely started to attempt crawling motions, but I just caught her doing the worm tonight to gain forward movement. For some reason, it reminded me A LOT that Rob is her father.*

But I'm still her mother, so THERE!

Actually, here. It is my friend Jackie and I.

* I've never seen Rob do the worm, which probably means he's teaching her privately.

1 comment:

lanerdoo said...

Cute picture! Funny imagery... Little wormy vesper :)
I got poop on myself twice today too, two different kids though. Gross.