Thursday, June 20, 2013

wrapping this up

Remember once upon a time when I promised to meter photos out in a few days? This is the last of them. God help me when I offload what's CURRENTLY on my camera (B playing with V in her walker, time in Canada, V's first birthday party {WAT? STAHP, ADDIE, SHE IS NOT ONE ALREADY!}, and the start of summer). I have no stories, really, because I have decided that I am the type of person who has stories when things are hard or my mental state is fragile (read: borderline depressed). Rob and I aren't in the midst of drama, there's no conflict - not that I could talk about it here anyway - no major upsets or excitement or whatever. Things are just easy-going-ish, I'm in a generally positive place, and the sarcasm and biting humor that tide me over in the hard times just sound mean and bitter right now. Made up, like I'm trying too hard to find funny in the mundane life of homework and diapers.

Oh, but here's a story for you. The three of us with teeth worth looking at have had dentist appointments recently. Blake had a filling while I had my x-rays and exam, and on the last tooth she prodded, there was a sticking that I know means a cavity. I muttered a very bad word very quietly, and she exclaimed, for Blake's benefit, "Oh, your mom has a cavity bug, too! She's going to have a filling just like you did. Darn it!"

Me, glumly, "Yep. That's what I said: darn it."

Blake chirped, "Really? I didn't hear you say that. I heard you say something else."

I turned beet red while the dentist lost her mind laughing along with the dental tech. Seriously, doubled over, laughing.

There. There is your story. I might always have THOSE kinds of stories: the ones where I mortify myself. Two more just came to mind, in fact, but I'll save those for later! And, I'm sure Rob will appreciate me pointing out that, of the three of us, he is the only one who did NOT have a cavity this time! Well done, you jerk.

See? Bitter and mean. BWAHAHAHAHA!

Safety first, guys. We're really serious about it around here. What you can't see are the shin guards and ankle protectors we walkers need when little miss is scooting around.

"What's in THIS one?"
She's very curious about all the cabinets, but the handy walker only permits them to open a little way. She can't even see in them, it's such a small opening, unless she cranes way over. No fingers pinched yet, but I'm sure that will come, as will me discovering kitchen errata scattered all around an impish beauty who still doesn't understand the word "No." And man, can she get around in this bad boy. We had her outside with it, barefoot, and she got two blisters on a big toe with all her walking! Little tenderfoot.

Blake at the Fun Run! I love this: our schools put on one fundraiser. Kids run for 30 minutes and raise flat sums or a per lap amount. I'm paying him to exercise, 100% of the funds stay with the school, and I don't have to wonder where to put the overpriced candy/wrapping paper/decor of other fundraisers.

It was a lovely warm day for it, too, and the little bugger ran 30 laps!

V, cheering him on by her presence. We crouched by the side of the track and high-fived kids as they went past, and I loved knowing all the names of all the kids in Blake's class. I volunteered once a week, often bringing V in with me, and getting to know his classmates was good for me. Knowing the kids and having the kids know me helped when setting up play dates with some of them, it helped if Blake was in conflict to be able to assess and counsel him based on what I knew of individuals, and added bonus: they all wrote me a thank you note at the end of the year. I thought I'd just read them and toss them, but I will keep every single one. They are dear and hilarious and a precious snapshot of what is important to second-graders: Vesper. 100% of them thanked me for bringing her in and mentioned how cute she was. I hope I can make the same commitment each year for each kid - I get as much as I give!

Oranges and water, post-run, with some of the girls in his class.
Oh good, two other boys snuck in. For a while there, Blake looked alarmingly like a ladies' man!

Hands down, baths are her favorite thing ever. She splashes excitedly with her hands when sitting up, and kicks her feet so energetically when lying down that I get absolutely soaked. 

Dad is SO FUNNY!

V, I hate to tell you, but you have a little something - a few little somethings, actually - stuck to you. Gosh, lady, check a mirror once in a while, am I right?!

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Grammie Perrine said...

The last pic reminds me of Bing's face when he accidentally fell asleep when watching a movie with Maddox! Stickers abound! YEAY for running Blake and scooting V!