Tuesday, July 9, 2013

happy birthday, sweet v!

And now, the party! Grammie and Papaw came up and helped me decorate, I'd thrown some barbeque in the slow cooker and bought a cupcake for the youngest birthday girl, and Reese brought strawberry shortcake to celebrate Mom's birthday. It was loud, it was chaotic, it was perfect. We're so tickled by this sweet girl. Blake wants her to stop growing up because he's loving each stage so very much, and Rob and I couldn't agree more. What a delightful addition to our family and home and hearts!

Fun with balloons!

Grammie and Papaw gave V the suit, the hat, the pool, and we've gotten pretty good use out of all three so far. She's still not sure about sitting in the water, but our backs can't take all the assisted walking walking walking!

It's like a bath, but not. I'm outside. I'm not nekkid. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Splashing. Ok, THIS I know.

Serious faces (Mason, Blake, B's friend Silas, Smith, Sawyer).

Silly faces.

Silly faces.

She was totally uninterested, which Blake did not understand, so he showed her how much icing there was and how tasty it could be when IN her mouth.

I've mostly destroyed this, Papaw. What is it that YOU have?

Getting the hang of it, frosting by the fistful.

And, I'm spent.

Blue-eyed beauties.


Esther said...

omg she's so delicious!
I understand the assisted walking back ache. I gave up with Mal. I took two yards of narrow fabric and tied it loosely around his chest under his arms with long ends to his back. It was like a walking baby handle. :)

gailzee said...

I was in Colorado..missed this...sooo sweet! Loved V's B-day pics!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to the lil'lady!