Friday, April 4, 2014

for the outlaws

I keep forgetting about this thing. Or rather, I have nothing that seems interesting to say, so I say nothing, forgetting that my children are supposed to say all the entertaining things so I can write them down. Or get it on video. Here's the latest.

B: (while listening to the acoustic version of Radioactive) It sounds like they didn't put as much effort into this version.


A: Where's Vesper?
B: She's in her rocking chair, reading her Jesus Storybook Bible.



Noel said...

I feel you on the blogging thing. *sigh* I just have nothing to say...

Grammie Perrine said...

Love Vesper's "Dancin' Til You Drop" technique!

lanerdoo said...

Vesper ROCKS! She is much more reserved when we are around. I loved her dancing, especially... mwah!

Laurie said...

She has some great moves!