Wednesday, October 17, 2007

photo update

A female Rufous hummingbird - I had three different ones, but this lady drove off the other two. They were very animated, fearless, and fun to watch.

Aunt Ernie reading to Blake - or he might have been reading to her. Looks like Green Eggs & Ham.

Erin & I towards the top of the Beartooth Pass. Erin & Dan, Margie & Kent all came down from Calgary over Labor Day, and we took a leisurely drive to Red Lodge for the weekend. We met up with Erin & Blake's cousin Jenny, her husband Dieter, and their daughter Veda.

Blake liked Veda. Veda liked bread.

Blake got hold of Jenny's cowboy hat and was very proud of himself.

Bike gang: Blake Samuel, otherwise known as "BS," and Tjabe "Jabberwocky" Koenen. Don't mess with them - I have some nasty shin bruises from being run down.

The big book, described below in "days go by" post. For those of you Richard Scarry aficionados out there, this is Cars & Trucks & Things That Go.

Blake showing me how his feet are WAY TOO BIG for the backhoe booties that Mason is wearing.

Before all the screaming. Smith left, Mason right, and my son in his "comfy clothes" - 50% jammies, 50% camo shirt, 100% nap-able. In case you were wondering, those twins have Reese's eyes: big & bold, and, today, somewhat startled.

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