Wednesday, October 3, 2007

naming my blog

I guess my sweet mother finds the name of my blog questionable. I actually had a hard time figuring out what to name my blog that wasn't a snooze-fest. To give you a sense of the nerdiness that is Addie, I will reveal to you that I actually Googled "naming a blog." It wasn't much help. I wanted something that gave a hint at my personality in a gently fiesty way. Here were some other names I considered:

Addie's Blog (or variations on this theme)
Montana Morstads
Wish You Were Here 2
Eat Sh!t & Die

So, the first one was a snoozer, the second two are unoriginal (visit my links to the right to see why), and I think the third gives off a much harsher sense than I'd like to convey. Plus, Blogspot probably wouldn't have allowed it. "the softer side of cynical" was a nice compromise, in my opinion.

Hi Mom!


Brenden said...

I like your title. It seems to fit a certain receptionist I knew at the front desk of MMI. :)

I don't think it's too negative. I have to believe that most people would think you certainly have much to be cynical about. But you're able to show people that you don't have to be cynical. Or if you do happen to feel cynical some days you are still able laugh about it and praise God for everything else you have.

Of course, I'm just some dude you used to work with. Listening to your mom rather than me is probably a better course of action for most cases in life.

Addie said...

Thanks Brenden! Hope it doesn't make you miss me too much. Besides, this time I like your opinion better.

Dr. D said...


I sure am enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work, I am sure your grandmother is proud of you. I do like the name you have chosen for your blog. It is you. Although ESAD (everything in medicine is achronym)was a good one too. How about DOB (diahrrea or gold dust)......nah...I like yours.

Anyway continue to hug and kiss that little Blake because someday is going to grow up to be a brother and father.

Oh, for the record, your dad is one of my real life heroes. Plus he likes cigars.....and me.

Dr. D

Dr. D said...

OOPS !!!

That achronym should have been DOG

Dr. D

Molly said...

I think your title's perfect. Like you.

Langston said...

Addie! The last one on the list was MY idea. Now if I ever use it people are going to think that I'm unoriginal.

Ha HA Plbbbbbbt!

Kate said...

Addie -
I love the blog and the title. However I did burst out laughing at the last suggestion for a title. Maybe for just one day that should be the title. Love ya girl! I'm coming home for Christmas and would like to see you if time allows. Give blake a smooch for me!