Sunday, November 25, 2007

ha ha

Reese threatened to get me and Blake a dog for Christmas, saying,
I think it's just what you need. An energetic, small, yappy dog.

She was joking.

She had better be joking.

More on the Thanksgiving weekend later...I've only just recently returned home, after a painfully long time with limited computer access. There's lots to say, but there's more to do around my home, as we now get to prepare for big Blake's mom & sister to come visit on Friday! I'm so excited (and so is little Blake...yeah, yeah).

We are going to cut a Christmas tree, and I hope to trick them into helping us decorate the house for Christmas. I will rein it in a bit this year. Last year, my place was a glowing beacon of fun and Christmas cheer, and I cannot emphasize the glow enough.* Some would say "burning retinas," but I think they were exaggerating.

*(The first ending was edited out when I remembered that my parents and Grammie read my blog. References to illicit substances and women of ill repute do not belong here.)


Hannah said...

you should always cut and paste your comments about ladies of ill repute, etc, into an email and send it to me. Just for my own sanity's sake.

I loved seeing you and the dude! See you in a few weeks. All my love,

naomi said...

isn't your son your small and yappy dog? :)

Anonymous said...

The last thing you need Addie is some small yappy dog.

Note that this criteria would not necessarily exclude a large black dog puppy...ahem...these puppies will look really cute with a red bow wrapped around them. I know you have a problem saying no so I have no guilt wondering why you have a problem saying no.

Oh and one thing this big black dog would have over a yapper is the ability to fetch ANYTHING. Think of the possibilities that Lil' Blake won't do for you that the dog would, tail wagging, while you're on the pot: another roll of TP, a bottle of wine, tampons, you get the idea. You KNOW what I'm talkin' about.

Addie said...

What makes you think Blake won't fetch? He's actually very handy that way, and I've no shame in using his formidable skills.

Oh yeah, and YOU CAN'T PAWN A PUPPY OFF ON ME. Maybe Reese and Matt would like one.