Thursday, November 29, 2007

my week

I have been preparing for visitors this week, on top of some other things I apparently didn't realize I'd be too busy for....then thoroughly enjoyed. A rundown:
  • Just finished up an antibiotic (for a sinus infection) that made every mg of sodium in my diet reappear in my saliva. Yummy - I've had the distinct taste of sea water in my mouth all week long. Pretty much ruins, oh, everything. Coffee is so-so, but desserts are gross and gum is just disgusting, because the longer I chew on something, the saltier it gets. You would think this would help me eat better/less, but it's become more of a game to me: "I wonder how THIS would taste!" Oh yeah, and have I ever told you I have braces? My mouth is a party in itself.
  • My mother- and sister-in-law are coming down from Calgary this weekend. While I am very excited for them to be here, I've been frantically trying to finish up two Christmas gifts in order to send one home with each. Shipping things to Canada can double the cost of a gift, and I'm frugal (not "cheap" - such an ugly word - let's stick with "frugal"). I had to concede defeat tonight and decide that one would not be finished. I hate conceding defeat and I DO NOT DO IT WELL.
  • Work is gearing up for the Christmas season, which means I have a lot of needy folks on my hands, on top of some extra stuff that we didn't really plan for, but it's happening anyway. I love the responsibility of being deeply trusted in my job....this just wasn't an ideal week for it all.
  • Reese had a clothing swap tonight for some girlfriends, and we've decided to make it a semi-annual event (Jody, you are TOTALLY coming next time, because almost everything was too small for the rest of us...grr). The general chatter about pregnancy and the subsequent body changes was hilarious, as almost all of us have little bundles of joy to blame for our squishy bellies or backsides. I had so much fun that, at 9:30, when asked where Blake was, I freaked out...he was with friends who have a school-age kiddo, and I had completely forgotten that he wasn't home in bed. Oh yeah, and he didn't nap today. Tomorrow may be hellish, but what a party! Totally worth it.
  • The mysterious reference in my previous post about illicit substances and women of ill repute must be answered due to popular demand (sorry, Mom, Dad, Grammie - I'm really just this inappropriate). The comparison was that I had so overdosed on exuberant Christmas spirit in the form of twinkle lights that it was like going to the home of a "Christmas crack whore." See why I edited it?
  • Before Margie (m-i-l) and Erin (s-i-l) arrive, I would still like to: wrap gifts, get some money stuff squared away, put away my scrapbooking explosion, wash sheets/towels, hit the grocery store & make dinner, and tidy up the things that were not already stuffed into a closet/box/hidey-hole today. We'll see how things go. I may even ship two large boxes of BackpackingLight gear to our UK branch, but that's pretty ambitious. Cross your fingers, Bob!
I hope this helps explain why I've been such a deadbeat on the blog and email circuit. I can only be so amazing, and this week, those things (as well as enough sleep, devotions, and reading) have slipped to the wayside. I'm sorry. I'm not ignoring you - I love you - I'll be better next time.

Requisite cute Blake story:
He is a scuba diver. Hard floor surfaces are the water, carpet is land. He puts his goggles on (from his toolbox, of course, so they are safety goggles), and "swims," saying, "Bloop....bloop..."
Every now and again (but especially if there's a spare sock lying on the floor), he'll stop, put both hands to his eyes, shaped into O's, and say,
"Here fishy fishy! I have to take your picture!" Then, "Cheese! Click!" and he runs to me with his hands splayed so that I can admire his picture, which he declares is "so cute." He will call for a whale, octopus, crocodile, brown trout, etc. The best part? When we were in Billings, he roped Grammie Monica into playing with him. Through the house they "blooped," hiding in the darkened pantry as a cave. Though, when Mason and his walky-chair went briefly missing, they were found in the cave, shut in by Blake (lights off, for the full cave effect). The cousin torture has already begun - good thing they outnumber him.

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naomi said...

that is a hilarious story, i miss him!