Monday, December 17, 2007


First day without Blake: It went well. I woke up a tiny bit later than normal and worked a bit, then had coffee with a friend. I then stood in line in hell...otherwise known as the post office, and got my gifts off to far flung family, postage effectively doubling the original cost of the gifts. Next year: gift cards! Or air!

I had lunch with my dear friend Naomi, whom I've seen little of since the arrival of her son, Kale. Her husband, Peter, and Blake miss each other something fierce, but it is nothing to the withdrawal I've experienced from one of my kindred spirits. We got to chat neither uninterrupted nor distracted, and it was sweet, sweet time.

I then went on to completely blow my Christmas plans. I thought I was done shopping for my kiddo, but I found a book on how to become a pirate! And a new Sandra Boynton! And a Sandra Boynton CD! Oh, and I almost forgot stocking stuffers...and something for my parents! My goodness - SLEDS! What a great year to teach him how to fling himself down a hill attached to something slippery! I was all cracked out on the Christmas high, and then I got to the grocery store to find Reese! And Mason! And Smith!

Poor Reese - she is stopped every ten feet or so by well-meaning strangers commenting on twins. "Are they twins?" No, I just picked one off the street and put him in my handy double stroller. "How do you do it?" Well, the vodka takes a little bit to kick in, but after that I can handle things. "Aren't they cute?" Yes, yes they are.

She is gracious and kind to each and every one, but afterwards, I offered to watch them weekly so she could go to the grocery store in peace. I'll do it when Blake's in daycare, so she'll have a solid hour and a half BY HERSELF. She all but tripped over herself to take me up on it, so I'll have guaranteed nephew time each week from here on out. I'm so excited!

Now, I have to wrap up loose ends for work, finish gift wrapping (and accounting for them all - I may have overdone it in my zeal to make sure I got a little something for everyone), and hopefully hang out with friends tonight. Tomorrow: work, then meeting with my discipler, then down time before game night with a few old friends from Morrison-Maierle! Wahoo!

Oh yeah, and I really do miss Blake, but I got a good long gab with him on the phone today, so I'm ok.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful offer to help Reese with the boys while she gets groceries. Just this week, I was telling my sister about how she has to go with the stroller and she said--"Reese needs someone to watch those boys while she gets her groceries." You are too kind, Addie. Thanks for being the one to step-up.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! It really makes me laugh and I have to agree that the post office is hell. Wal-Mart also gets that title. I always regret my decision to go to either of those places. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.