Saturday, December 15, 2007


I've decided to use this forum to tell you all:

Feel free to give my son whatever your little heart desires. Know, however, that as things come in, other things will go out (this rule applies to me too), based on MY WHIM. And, of course, Blake's preferences. For example, motorcycles rule the roost right now. Legos? Not so much.

With limited space (have you SEEN my condo?) and a penchant for holding onto things, it's become clear that I cannot cram ten pounds of stuff into a five pound house.

At least, not anymore. I'm a wee bit claustrophobic and the walls are closing in on me. I'm terrified of being one of those ladies who has a two-foot path through the piles and piles of old Real Simple magazines because YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU MIGHT NEED THEM.

I'm signing up for eBay tomorrow, so if you've had your eye on any of my stuff...let's just say this could be a very merry Christmas.

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