Thursday, January 31, 2008

random observations

Utah loves Honda Elements. Elements, Elements everywhere, and there were even TWO orange ones on one small lot near our hotel. Seems like Bozeman loves them too - I can't swing a dead cat without hitting one, and I like my dead cats to swing wide and free.

When the nurse snickered as I told her I thought my son had whooping cough, I wanted to reach through the phone and shake her. I am not an alarmist mother (as any who've witnessed can attest), and I'm proud of that, so when I say "WHOOPING COUGH," I'm not freaking out. I've analyzed the symptoms, listened to both my child's cough and the examples online, and believe I've come to an educated hypothesis about why he coughs so hard he almost throws up, gasping for air between bouts. However, I also know there's almost nothing the doctor can do for him, so I'm keeping him hydrated and as comfy as possible in the meantime. Still, it breaks my heart to hear him hacking throughout the night, waking scared by how hot his fever is making him.

"Oh God, that's funny," came from the mouth of my wee child yesterday. I promptly explained that we say "Oh my gosh," that I don't care how anyone else says it, he is not permitted to say "Oh God." My horror and indignation were quickly erased by the memory of which family member taught him how to say "dammit." Retraining him is NOTHING compared to retraining ME.

As we shoved through the slushy ice in the parking lot, him riding in the grocery cart, I expected tears at the rough treatment. Instead, he laughed over the violent bumps and veers, saying "It's like a four-wheeler!"

Pulling away from the coffee kiosk (upon pulling up, the clouds opened and a troupe of angels sang the Hallelujah chorus), Blake waved and blew kisses, then said, "Bye little house!" I asked if the girls lived there. "Yes. They sleep under the tent."

Quiz time:
Which Myers girl do you think sold a Victoria's Secret catalog to a fellow student at the tender age of 11? She got 75 cents, and my folks got a call from the boy's mother, wondering if they knew their daughter was in the soft porn trade.

Between the modeling for the video of a Montbell jacket (not yet posted), the modeling of an Outdoor Research Ninjaclava, and the modeling for an ankle protector (not yet posted), I'm beginning to think that BackpackingLight just brought me to OR for my body. I'm oddly comfortable with that.

Quiz answer:
It was Reese. Shocking, I know. We only just started speaking to her again.


Anonymous said...

Who did she sell it to!?

Addie said...

Pretty sure it was one of the Pertuit twins.

Reese said...

No, no, no...I sold it to a naughty boy named Troy. Thank you so much for sharing not only every detail of your life on your blog but mine also! :)

Kate said...

Reese, I can't believe you did that. :) I fully expected that to be an Addie prank. Thanks for the laugh girls. Oh and Reese, I'm laughing with you! I hope Scott doesn't start updating his blog, he could tell some whoppers about me!