Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Mormons hid the coffee when we were in Salt Lake. That's the only explanation for why two able-bodied women in dire need of caffeine couldn't find any early on a Tuesday morning.

We later found out there's a Starbucks in the hotel across from the convention center where we spent every waking moment.

Ahhh...burned coffee is better than none at all. It was amazing to feel the change go through me as my little heart went pitter-pat in appreciation for the uppers, counteracting the melatonin I'd taken the night before.

I'm sure I'd be a better person without drugs, but maybe I'd be a raving lunatic, and who wants to take the chance?

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Anonymous said...

I missed you while you were out of town!!! Good to have you back for me to read every morning before I start work :) I think for Blake's birthday Chad should play with him and I can help you catch up on your drinking....? Next time you are here!