Friday, April 25, 2008

baseball team

After a generation of lovely girls (me, Reese, Lane, plus cousins Hannah & Aubyn), my immediate and slightly less immediate family is making up for it by having boys, and lots of them.

Me: Blakester, 3
Reese: Mason & Smith, almost 1 (April 30!)
Lane: baby boy unnamed, due in September
Hannah: baby boy unnamed, due in September

I think my dad is in hog heaven, imagining all the hunting trips and the overabundance of testosterone after twenty-four years of drought. I'm harboring a secret hope that everyone else will continue to have boys and, at some future day, I will get to have a girl. I guess it's not a secret anymore, but I think it would be great fun!


Anonymous said...

uh...Megan, Kelsey....

Addie said...

Kelsey & Megan are cousins, same as Hannah & Aubyn, and Megan had a little girl too!

Josh is the fellow I left out...I was keeping more in the "from Billings" line of family. There are, of course, lots of exceptions on the Myers side too...guess I can't cover it all!