Friday, April 25, 2008


  • word verification for when you want to post a comment on your friend's blog. It wouldn't be so bad if only YOU COULD READ THE DAMN THING.
  • Decorating your home with the thin, cheap "wrought iron" that screams 40% off at Jo-Ann Fabric. Yes, I am a snob.
  • Decorating your home with seashells and lighthouses. This is Montana, and it is land-locked.
  • Decorating your home with black furniture. This is Montana, and it is dusty (this is also me).
  • Getting phone calls from Verizon - on my land line - asking me to call them back about my wireless account. Quit harassing a poor widow who uses Alltel and turn off the deadbeat's phone! I'll bet THEN they'll call you back.
  • Snow again today.
  • My otherwise fearless son's response to swim lessons.

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Anonymous said...

I know. Some of them are REALLY hard to read :/