Friday, April 25, 2008


  • My fearless son's enthusiasm for gymnastics (which he calls gymnaskicks).
  • Holding my friends' two week old baby...they seem so small, until you remember from whence they came.
  • A warm home on a cold, windy day.
  • Getting to decorate my twin nephews' birthday cakes.
  • Ordering up the prints for my Christmas card - if you want one and aren't sure you're on the list, better let me know!
  • Eating popcorn and watching VeggieTales WAY past Blake's bedtime last night, all cuddled up on the couch.
  • Being in on a secret that I can actually keep.
  • Getting to be crafty today because I had the desire (!) and the time (!!).
  • Having a son who loves to help me wipe down all my black furniture to keep it clean.

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