Wednesday, April 9, 2008



He's gotten much better, I'll have you know.

Of course it's a challenge (perspective: this urn is about one foot deep).

Easter egg dying - Lane helped, and we stripped him down, since I didn't want to do THAT laundry. He had great fun and refused to eat a single one. I had egg salad sandwiches A LOT.

"Hey, Momma, I ree ree so love you."

"Well, I guess you're okay too."

Happy Easter smiles - and he has my eyes.

Being very gentle with baby Kale, who was largely unimpressed with us. We'll try harder next time little buddy.

Those of you who have stayed here know that I keep my house on the cool side. We wake up to the heat working hard to make a comeback from the 59 degree nighttime minimum, and one of Blake's favorite things to do is get bundled onto the couch while I make breakfast. I think he's watching Dragon Tales or Clifford.

Potential "Christmas letter" photo. I really have been trying to get few of us that I might make into a collage photo. Or not. Depends on how I feel, so leave me alone!

You're so pushy.

Oops, forgot to set the timer. He's not mad, just wondering what I'm doing. I have an end table, upon which is perched an upside down mop bucket, upon which is perched my Joby tripod with a VERY NICE digital camera mounted to it.

Also, though we are not wearing coats, note the receding snow through the fence and the nasty brown grass. Spring WAS COMING, I was sure of it.

First read through a gift: The Potty Book for Boys. I thought it was hilarious, and now Blake recites it to me, while saying, "When I get potty-trained, I can go to preschool." Five minutes later, he's coming to tell me he's pooped, and he wants to see it.

Laurie, thanks for the book.
Mom, thanks for letting him peek in his diaper.

I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

The view from my back door yesterday morning.

Winter is crushing my soul.


naomi said...

those are all great pictures of you two! my favorite is the one where you are looking at each other. i love you both so much!
p.s. kale looks at us like that too but asks every day to go back to visit you!

Anonymous said...

I agree--the picture where you are looking at one antoher is priceless--I vote it as the "Christmas" letter pic.

Do you loathe 'Dragon Tales' as much as I do?

My best potty training tool so far--the toilet shaped watch that goes off every 30 ,60, or 90 min to remind us, with a song, that it's time to go. I really do love it.

Addie said...

Yep, Dragon Tales is pretty much one of the stupidest things we ever watch (and we watch some SpongeBob, so that's saying something). He doesn't like it either, but he dislikes WonderPets even more, so it's a simple process of elimination.

Those of you thinking that I could just turn the TV off are out of your minds.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!!

Heather said...

here's the thing - you and your son are ridiculously cute.