Tuesday, April 15, 2008

couldn't have said it better

"I believe kids become better people for having grandparents actively involved in their lives. Grandparents, as living history, help their grandchildren establish their own place in the world, giving them a sense of connection and purpose. Grandparents encourage and teach with a certain remove, free of the hand-wringing and battles of wills that come with parenting." -from Wondertime

Blake is so lucky to have all his grandparents, all devoted to him. Though he sees my folks more (due to proximity), he knows and loves Grammie Gee (Daddy Blake's mom) and Grampa Steve (Daddy Blake's dad) very, very much. He knows Grampa gives him John Deere tractors and will take him on tractor/combine/horse rides when we visit Plentywood. He knows Grammie Gee is a sucker for him talking up a blue streak and will be charmed into plugging quarters into the rides at the mall. Grammie (my mom) is great at stretching my boundaries in ways that can be exciting or maddening, but he loves to visit her and play in the sandbox and go to the park. Papaw (my dad) has a riding lawnmower and lots of tools and lets Blake use a real hammer when in the shop.

I'm so glad that he has the relationships he does with his grandparents - having only one Grammie living myself, I'm a little jealous.

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Momica said...

Yahoo for grandparents! I love the designation and wouldn't trade it for the world. It's another blessing in this big old world we live in. How can anyone resist that Blakester, Maymo, and Schmitte?