Friday, June 20, 2008

in dc and loving it!

We arrived yesterday evening to delightfully warm temps, some humidity, and a warm, welcoming home. Rachel & Joe have renovated LOTS since I was here last (almost four years ago), and it was fun to see the upgrades. Also fun? Four boys enjoying one another's company. Blake and Jack are peas in a pod, and it's encouraging to see Joe & Rachel parent three little men - almost makes me think I can handle one. Almost.

We went to the Air & Space Museum today, and there were PLANES, MOM! AND HELICOPTERS! Everything has been in all caps with exclamation points since yesterday morning, partly because of the excitement of it all, and partly because he's competing with three other energetic people for equal time. He's loving every minute of it.

The Teipes had a Batman costume sized just right, so he wore it all morning and intends to wear it all evening. He's announced that Batman carries a sword, so he's armed to the teeth once we added the sword to his pretend gun (forefinger). Blake and Jack are great friends already, and they play very well together. We've got a swim meet tomorrow for the older two boys and will hit the zoo after church on Sunday. I love zoos, so I'm probably more excited than anyone else.
So, I was very graciously and gently encouraged by a friend to amend what I'd said about false eyelash girl at Albertson's. After thinking about it (and realizing that I own and have worn fake eyelashes), I figure she's probably trying to glam up an otherwise thankless, dull job, and living in Montana, what else is she going to do? Anymore, multiple piercings and tattoos are de riguer, so the only real way to stick out in good old MT is glamour: eyelashes and heels will set you apart faster than almost anything else!

As someone who enjoys standing out and being the center of attention, I am going to be a little easier on others who probably feel the same way. At least, I will try. And the more people making fake eyelashes the norm, THE MORE I GET TO WEAR MY OWN.

They really are fabulous. I'm looking at a pair with actual rhinestones at the tips. Or feathers. Blake gets to wear his costume every day (or at least, he WILL get to). Why can't I?

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naomi said...

sounds like you guys are having a blast-see you when you get back!