Sunday, June 1, 2008

juice boxes and a business lesson

Purely on label recognition (on the juice boxes, which I normally do not buy), Blake is saying, "Juicy Juice. The very best juice for the very best kids." each and every time he takes a sip, further reinforcing why I do not buy juice boxes: my child's brand recognition.

To be clear, with my business training, I know EXACTLY what these companies are doing in co-opting today's youth to love their brand and their brand only. It's a big conspiracy to take over the world!

OR, companies know that getting people young keeps their business - and they've got it dialed in on how to "get them young." For example, red draws the eye more than any other color. Next time you're in the cereal how, notice how many sugary "kid" cereals are in red boxes. Also, note the direction the eyes are pointed on the characters on the box: down. They're not looking for YOUR business. They're looking for your child's business.

I know this all sounds paranoid, and it's mostly really funny to hear him say the above line, and I'm not immune to the marketing of certain items...but I really do want to protect him from the marketing that's more about dollars and cents than it is about his well-being.

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