Tuesday, July 22, 2008

sounds like heaven

Last night, I cleaned my floors. I keep these suckers pretty well-swept (I hate grit under my bare feet), but I have dark laminate, so spills and dirt don't really show much. So I almost never mop, because I hate it, and I've yet to find a babysitter that's willing to moonlight as a cleaning lady for twice the babysitting rate.

Oh well.

It's quite literally been months since I last mopped. I honestly cannot remember the last time, other than once in February? Maybe? I think I did it once since then.

My floors are now so clean that my feet squeak when I walk across them. Laminate never really LOOKS clean (in the right light, you can see all the smudges and stuff on the surface), but boy howdy, it sure sounds clean.


Molly said...

Mopping? What's that?

Anonymous said...

I have tile floors that aren't particularly dark, but if I sweep regularly, I don't have to mop for months, either! But I do know the feeling of a clean, mopped floor...and only then do I realize how dirty it really was!

And Molly...with two dogs, you don't mop? Yikes, woman.