Monday, August 4, 2008

i'm a lemming

I go where others follow.

Years ago, when my dearest friends Kellie and Molly both started using electric toothbrushes, I pooh-poohed them as too lazy to actually brush their own teeth.

Then I tried one, my teeth had never been cleaner, and I've since upgraded from simply electronic to a sonic toothbrush. It has NOTHING to do with laziness and everything to do with how shiny and smooth your teeth are!

Well, I've been hearing a lot about Facebook and MySpace (I know what they are, I just wasn't interested), and have been rolling my eyes and thinking, "Just what I need, one more thing to do in a day. I keep up with the folks I want to keep up with, and now I have a blog...what good could come of such a thing?"

I just signed up for a Facebook account. While I'm not quite comfortable inviting everyone I know to be a friend (though they are in real life, is it appropriate for me to ask the husbands of all my friends to be my Facebook friends?), I finally see the usefulness of such a site. Oh, and I asked Molly and Kellie to add me to their friends list.

I hope they say yes.



Look for Kelsey on facebook. I'll have her look for you also.

Molly said...

AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! And I mean that in the best possible way!!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of broadcasting your life and snooping into other peoples' lives :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, facebook is really the sneakiest way to stock people ;) I think it's okay to add your friends husbands. You should add Matt. He'll be honored to be your facebook friend ;) Oh and the sonicare really is the best invention for teeth ever!