Sunday, August 24, 2008

my hypocrisy DOES have limits!

I was in Wal-Mart the other day to return an item that had (predictably?) broken. Standing in line in customer service was painful: one poor young man behind the counter, and people doing apparently non-simple things like money transfers and check cashing. Adding to my discomfort was the fact that the two young men in front of me were first loudly discussing Mormonism ("I hate 'em. They get everything wrong about the Book of Life... No, I guess I hate what they believe. Love the sinner."), then loudly complaining about the lack of efficiency at Wal-Mart. Then they were joined by the two people behind me.

"Guess we can't expect much more than this. It is Wal-Mart."
"God forbid they call someone else up. That might make sense!"
"Someone call the manager. I'll bet he can do such a simple task as help people."

Upon walking back through the store to leave, I heard a young woman pushing a cart say offhandedly to her companion: "This place does such terrible things to people."

There are so many things wrong with ALL of the above that I barely know where to start!
  1. I was in Wal-Mart. Gross.
  2. Supposed Christians having such loud (and erroneous, might I add) public discussions about any other faith is off-putting... I love Jesus, but I still found what they were saying offensive.
  3. I really really dislike Wal-Mart, calling it the devil's playground... but I have the good sense (taste?) not to complain bitterly about the place while I'm giving them my business, no matter how begrudgingly I do so. HOWEVER, if you drag me to Wal-Mart, I'll make snide comments under my breath the entire time. Molly has been on the receiving end of this, but it's her fault for taking me there in the first place!
  4. Sniping about the job someone is doing when they are obviously doing their best in a difficult situation is wretched and ugly. This and a few other instances have shown me in glaring detail how unpleasant impatience is, and how it makes the impatient one very unattractive.
So, I'm trying to be more mindful of my own impatience, which really knows no bounds and which I've been freely expressing to this point. I'm trying to have more grace for others in circumstances beyond their control, even and especially when those circumstances are then inconvenient to myself.

Hmm. Never thought Wal-Mart would be able to teach me anything beyond how to clutter up a store beyond all recognition or how to fool a nation into thinking that cheap shit isn't still shit.


aubyn said...

I have the same hang ups with Wal-Mart. I only go there if I need Greek yogurt, as no one else in town has it.
I just finished The Shack and it has a nice segment on judgment that I can't help but think about when I get around people like those guys who hate mormons.

Lindsey K said...

Hey...first of all the absence of the braces is beautiful you look wonderful. I had a very challenging time last week in the jusgemental department. Billings was FLOODED with these people from a church that will go unnamed and they were stopping people downtown asking them "can I ask you a question? Has anyone ever told you that God loves you?" I was stopped 2 times, 2 people came to our house AND Chad was also harassed at the fair! All from the smae freakin church....needless to say I think I am still struggling with my deep rooted frusterations at this and it was hard not to want to tell each of them off. I am not done yet...will you look at the link on my page to Nomad Backpackers and see if backpacking light might have any interest in having them test products etc.? Just a thought. Thanks,done now :)

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I also hate Wal-Mart but I've come to conclude that I must hate myself even more because I punish myself by going there. I try to avoid it but it's unavoidable at times. I was filling a prescription which took an hour when they said "that will only be a few minutes." I always find myself praying while I'm there "please Lord reign in my life!" (It's a good test of how I live out the Spirit filled life.) During this visit I was also thinking of you b/c of this post and also thinking don't say anything rude and be an ass. Thanks Addie ;)