Thursday, September 11, 2008


Old pic of me and Lanerdoo at a family friend's wedding reception. We're finally starting to look related!

This is what passes for a fort when your couch has cushions that cannot be removed.

Sorry, Mom - Blake's face was too funny.


I left my camera in the car with Molly...

and Liz...

two of my favorite people. Love you girls!

Lane looks, dare I say, relieved? Maddox is five feet away, having his airways suctioned.

Listening to him cry. Lane had been up since 1:00 am that morning (Bing too), so they were SPENT.

First lovin', despite the wide opening hollering mouth.

Bing was a proud Daddy, and my father was a close second.

Aubyn and Gail stopped by to meet the newest addition.

Grammie loves each one best as they arrive, I think.

Maddox is a blondie! I think Blake took this picture: the ones immediately before and after it were wildly erratic shots of my crotch and the top of my head, so it's a safe bet that it was either little Blake or a drunk dwarf manning the camera.

The Perrine family, over to celebrate my dad's birthday. Bing's a natural, holding Maddox just like a football.

Mason (l) and Smith (r), heading for the camera, showing off their enormous peepers.

He looks a lot like little Blake did as a baby... red and scrunchy.

Molly and JR thought of me on their honeymoon. I'm so lucky to have those guys!


Joy Joy said...

Thanks for posting, Ad. I needed a good cry--you know, pretty much anything (pics of Maddox, in this case) makes a prego lady cry. It is one of the best and worst things about pregnancy--I feel like I've been experiencing a whole new range of emotions that I never knew existed!

naomi said...

finally an update! i have been having withdrawals! (from no updates and not seeing you in person!) i love the gift you got from molly and j.r. really, the perfect gift.