Friday, October 24, 2008

that's what he said

B: That's a radio tower.
A: That's right! Good job with identification.
B: Radio towers are really shrunky.
A: Shrunky?
B: Yeah, that's what I call them. Shrunky. And... we're in Bozeman.
If I eat all my carrots, then I get a fruit leather because I'm being a really good eater. (Note: this is after half an apple AND a graham cracker. He really is a good eater!)
Also, today he got to play with Lizabeth (thanks, Becca!), whom he calls "Lizaboo." Always. Not because he doesn't know her name, but because that's what auntie Reese calls her. They were playing some make-believe where they'd both lie down on the jungle gym, then Blake would call out for Grammie Gee, Lizabeth would jump up and say "Day and night!" in her tiny little voice, and they'd jump up and run around for a little bit before doing it all over again.
After taking a picture of big Blake's cousin and friend, then looking at the viewfinder on my camera:
"Oh! So cute!"
Blake's started changing up words for funsies. Most often, he drops the last letter of a word and adds a "ck." Usually, this just makes him hard to understand, but the last time Rob was here, Blake amended the word "car" and kept repeating it.

"Mom, I get into the cock all by myself. That's silly! Cock. Cock. Cock."


Unknown said...

I can think of some words that we wouldn't want him to do that with. It might not be... fun.

Addie said...

Catherine, you're NAUGHTY! I like it... but that could get bad in a hurry. Who knew make-believe languages could be so problematic?