Thursday, November 13, 2008

fancy new underbritches

For your edification and education, I prefer the word "britches" when referring to my son's big boy underwear. I'm not sure why. I just like it. It's short, is easier to say than "big boy underwear," and is far superior to the choice my mother and aunt (both mothers of nothing but girls) are in the habit of using:


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Sharon said...

My daughter hated that word growing up...I can't remember what we settled on -- I'll have to ask her to refresh my memory.

Speaking of my daughter...we were having a phone conversation about this subject for my grandson (who is now 18 months, and not nearly ready to get any britches any time soon) -- I told her of my sister's visit to our home in Oregon one Thanksgiving in the 80s, when the carrot dangled for my precious niece to travel from Montana,was for her to be able to wear "panties." -- and it worked!!!