Thursday, November 13, 2008

letting go

I successfully navigated my first parent-teacher conference today. Got Blake's first ever school pics on Tuesday.

Blake's pretty much on par with where they would expect him to be. He's one of the youngest in his class, so some of the skills that he doesn't get didn't surprise me a bit. Also, we've not been working on them at home because scissors? Are you kidding me? We have a leather couch! But recognizing coins? I can do that. Whew.

He is the only child in his class that is not potty-trained. I promised to work harder, because, truth be told, I had just given up. I figure he'd just decide to do it, then do it, and that it would require very little from me, since that describes most of my parenting experience so far, right?

He kept his Pull-Up dry all day, so we're trying out britches tonight during Bible study. I will probably excuse myself every thirty minutes to embarrass him in front of his idol, Eric, and ask if he's gone potty in the potty, then make him do it anyway.

As for the school pics, he looks so cute and big and almost awkward that I cannot stand it. I may have gotten a little teary about the new milestone I am crossing easily a year sooner than I'd anticipated. Yikes. Next thing you know, he'll be shaving.

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Anonymous said...

We just did the potty-training thing with Cate...would you like me to shoot you an e-mail with the things that helped us? Might not work for you, but we moms have to stick together. Let me know!