Monday, November 10, 2008

that's what he said

"Mom, can we buy a kitty today?"
I made lime Jell-O and dropped a large plastic bug in each Jell-O cup, for something fun and different (we tried it over Halloween, but did it too late, so Blake couldn't enjoy the result). "Buggy Jell-O," as I call it, is a big hit, and I'll try to take a picture of the last two in the fridge. Blake was eating some after dinner last night and asked what flavor the Jell-O was.

A: "It's lime. Green is lime."
B: "Oh! Lime! I love lime. Mom, listen to this rhyme:
I eat the lime
and the slime
is on my chime."
A: (open-mouthed shock)
Blake changes his own Pull-ups when they're just wet. He likes to open the diaper pail with his foot, pick up the Pull-up between his toes, drop it in, and close it with his foot. Immediately after doing so this morning, he smelled the green blanket that's folded and stored very near the diaper pail (smelling blankets is a mystery, but he does).

B: "Sick. This blanket smells dirty."
A: "Actually, that blanket is clean. I think you were actually smelling the stink that wafts up from the diaper pail every time you open it. Smell the kiki again."
B: (taking a deep whiff) "Great! This kiki smells great! I love it. Do you want me to cover you with it?"
"Mmmm, this hot chocolate is delicious." - said with all the enthusiasm of a foodie.
B: "Mom, there are no guns allowed at preschool."
A: "That sounds reasonable. Is that a rule they told you today?"
B: "Yes, there are no guns allowed at preschool. Guns belong at home."
A: "Well then, let's go home so you can do some shooting."
B: "Okay!"

Not two weeks later...
B: "Mom, there are no weapons allowed at preschool."
A: (nodding with understanding) "Oh. Did they make you put your light saber away?"
B: "Yeah." (nodding sadly)
A: "It's a good thing you still have your spiderwebs."
B: "Okay!"


Reese said...

Enjoyed the update, pictures, and silly quotes from B. I noticed that none of the things on your wish list were that a hint? :)Nice blog template!

Addie said...

Reese: I will love whatever you give that's handmade. I always do.

However, those lists are for the folks who would normally whip out the plastic, not whip up something Martha. :)

Anonymous said...

Those are my girls, oh yeah! I love the blogs and how you are sharing your lives with us all.
Addie, I would be giving you the yard if I had a million dollars. I really love the dialogues you have with Blakester. He's a keeper! Love, Mom