Sunday, November 9, 2008

christmas lists

Despite my assurances that Blake and I want for nothing, I know that there are some out there who will probably get us Christmas presents. Hurray!

However, if you are floundering, knowing you want to get something but have no idea where to start, well, start here.

Blake Samuel:
  • Clothing, 4T to 6T, depending on the stuff. The kid is growing like a weed and is in 6T jammies.
  • A hard bottomed sled. The soft, roll-up thing I got last year bruises our bums and is no fun.
  • Star Wars DVDs, preferably IV-VI.
  • Light saber (found at Target these days, and I've resisted all his attempts at wheedling one out of me so far).
  • Luke Skywalker toy or costume (he has mentioned both and may not differentiate between the two).
  • Transformers that actually transform. He loves these, and I guess I could use the brush-up on the mechanics of how a toy can quickly drive you nutty insane, because he can rarely transform them all the way. And when I say "rarely," I mean "never."
  • Bike with training wheels. I think this is our year, which opens up all kinds of possibilities outside the small rectangular sidewalk outside our condo. Whee!
  • Weapons. I'm dead serious. Swords, guns, etc. would go over HUGE at the Morstad house this Christmas. I'd prefer wooden (even a short, painted dowel would be a great sword), especially for the guns, and nothing battery-operated unless you want me to send you something similar when YOUR child gets bigger. Because I will do that and raise the ante by also giving you a puppy.
I seriously debated adding "kitty" to the list, albeit one that doesn't poop or shed, but figured someone would send us a stuffed animal, which would not work at all. He desperately wants a cat, and I desperately don't right now... which leads to the first item on MY list:

Addie W.
  • A house with a yard in Bozeman.
  • Scrabble Deluxe, with the board that spins and has a grid so the tiles stay on. I covet my mother's, which I gave her, and might need one of my own.
  • Subscription to Radar magazine, which is irreverent, unholy, and wildly funny.
  • Gucci Eau de Parfum II - it has undertones of something spicy, which I think is rather appropriate.
  • Shirts from the Buckle, Gap, or Old Navy, because you can never have too many clothes.
  • Massages via Genelle... but you'll have to ask me for her number, because I love her too much to post it on the internet.
  • A decent cordless phone and answering machine (though I may be dropping my land line for reasons of cost - we'll see).
  • Candles of all shapes and sizes. So long as they aren't too smelly, I love burning candles all winter. Also, perhaps include new batteries for my smoke detectors. Just in case.
I'm happy to say that it appears the item on a list provided to my family two years ago has been provided by the good Lord. That item: Amanda Hugginkis

After all that, please know that if anyone gets us anything, it will be wonderfully appreciated. This isn't so much a list of demands as it is pointers for those who might want them. I love getting wish lists from others because I usually need the help. Forgive me for assuming the same of the internet as a whole!


Lindsey K said...

Addie, I have a nice cordless phone (2 handsets)with digital answering machine I haven't used since my freshman year of college that is yours if you would like! let me know :)

Anonymous said...

I don't see a ring on that list?!

Addie said...

Jay: Rob doesn't need any help. You do. I think you should get me the subscription to Radar.

Anonymous said...

addie, What do you have against cats? I really like them, just can't east a whole one by myself!


Anonymous said...