Saturday, November 8, 2008

i have some pictures

Blake at one of the last great days in the park, sporting his new Transformers sunglasses and a hat from our Calgary visit (thanks, Grammie G!).

B: "Momma, what am I?"
A: "A walrus?"
B: "That's right! I'm a walrus!"

We got a visit from some Plentywood cousins...

and Blake decided to take pictures.

He loves using my camera.

He's just not very good at it.

Reese hosted a baby shower for Lane and Maddox in October, so a bunch of our friends could meet him.

Holding the little punkin - he's a cutie and very mellow, which I think he gets from his Daddy's side. (Sara, Naomi holding Maddox, Reese, and Lane)

Reese throws a great shower: food, talking, and NO GAMES. (Lane, Tracie holding Maddox, and Becca)

I came in after nap time to find that poor Mr. Snowman had been bad, so Blake tied him up in jail.

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