Friday, November 7, 2008

i'm game

If anyone has an excess of wild game in their freezers, preventing them from going hunting for more, I would happily take some of it off your hands. I would even help pay for the processing (provided I got some sausage), because I love wild game, I haven't hunted in years, and meat is expensive.

I'm just putting it out there. Also, Dad, what bribes are you taking to get your out-of-practice eldest out for a muley?


naomi said...

yes, i agree, sausage is expensive but the right man might give it away for free

that's what she said

Addie said...

You dirty girl. I thought it, just didn't have the nerve to say it. I LOVE that you did.

Anonymous said...

Addie, You and Naomi can certainly talk smack! Since I plan hunting trips 2 months in advance and big game season ends before that, I'm thinking the venison we have in the freezer will have to do. Although some of my favorite memories are of you and me hunting our way around the Smith Ranch with Tom & Nancy; it brings a smile to my face.
Love, Dad