Friday, December 12, 2008

because i'm a huge nerd

K: "Your closet is color-coordinated!"
A: "Yours isn't?"
I love being able to write a little html code. It means I can make ugly things pretty (or something like that) on this blog, on BPL, and on craigslist.

Oh, and I'm selling this (link removed because the diaper bag sold!) and this.

I no longer need the first due to potty-training, and the second was recently replaced by Rob, Rob, my heartthrob.


Joy Joy said...

Thanks for the updates. I'm commenting to let you know HOW MUCH I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG. Plus, you're not super nerdy--even though I kinda have hippie leanings and live in a van 1/4 of the year, my closet is ALSO color-coordinated, as well as coordinated by sleeve length. Wow, should I really put that out in public? It kinda blows my supah-chill cover. Ha!

Sharon said...

YESSSS!!! A few more practical minded people -- I, too, have a color coordinated closet. I loathe wasting time, so I enjoy the ease of 'having a place for everything, and everything in its place' --- at least in my closet :)

Janelle Wilson said...

Closet?? You people put clothes in your closet? Mine just sit on top of the dryer until I wear them or they're too wrinkled and need washed again. Hmmmm... enlightening.