Monday, December 1, 2008

keeping company with those who make me better

Sent to Aubyn by one of her friends:

"Yo Aubyn - I've got a beef to settle with you.

It all started when I stumbled across your Facebook page when you got that cool new profile picture. I saw the link to Hannah's blog, and I followed it like a fool. I didn't even know who Hannah was. After looking at her blog and seeing all the pictures of her adorable baby, I went to the other blogs listed on her blog. Three hours and some ten blogs later, after making the discovery that you are all somehow related, I found myself extremely jealous. You seem to have awesome friends/relatives, which I covet."

Yes, we do have awesome friends/relatives. We're so lucky.


Joy Joy said...

We ARE SO lucky!! It's hard to explain how special all of the relationships really are. I appreciate every last one of you guys so much!

aubyn said...

Don't worry, I settled that beef. ha ha ha hamburgers for all my family and friends!"