Monday, December 1, 2008

because i can only handle so much nickelodeon

We pulled Thanksgiving off! Rob brined the turkey, Reese and I tried new and tasty recipes, Mom brought the pies, and a few of my in-laws came down from Calgary!

It was awesome. Blake stayed with Margie and Kent pretty much all weekend (they dropped him off for naps, then picked him up again!), and they all did a great job of spoiling one another. It's particularly sweet to me to see how Blake has grown attached to Grampa Kent and how that's essentially got Grampa Kent wrapped around his finger. Everyone's a sucker for the adoration of a cute kid, right?

I ate things I shouldn't have and paid for it with some discomfort and a tender mouth (hard to describe - it just hurts, but there aren't any specific sore spots or wounds), but it was totally worth it. I'm now trying to figure out how to give away all the leftover turkey. Also, I'm coming up with plans for clearing my pantry of all the things I shouldn't be eating. Rob's been helpful, and I think we're going to come up with a menu of things that I CAN have so that I can at least move towards something (positive) instead of merely avoiding things (negative). And I'm taking great comfort in the fact that I can still have dairy, grains, chocolate, and beer.

We're now getting all wrapped up to take a drive up to Bridger for the late morning/early afternoon, and we're getting coffee on the way. Rob will probably be heading out on Wednesday, and the good news is that we've put up with each other for almost two weeks now.

I think that's a good sign... also good: he had as much fun stringing Christmas lights and decorating our tree as I did. Blake: not so much. He'll come around, and if he doesn't, we're headed for the snow right now, so I'll throw snowballs at him until he's having fun.

Because that's how it works in this house. I will MAKE you enjoy yourself, dammit.

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