Tuesday, December 9, 2008

thinking and driving (pictures too)

I remembered what I was going to post last night, far too late (though I appreciate that everyone agrees with me about the terrible name of that gas station).

I attended Lane & Bing's reception on Sunday night, in Billings, at the Yellowstone Country Club. Ten o'clock rolled around, and I headed to the car to pick up Blake from my friends' place (That's right J & K! You are my friends!). With my phone in one hand and a clove cigarette in another (Thanks sweet T, on both counts!), I found the divided entry/exit and headed down the small drive. After about fifty yards, I thought, "This is looking less and less like a street. I bet I'm driving on the golf cart lane. I bet I'm on the golf course."

Sure enough.

I threw the car in reverse, set down the phone (duh), and carefully backed back onto the parking lot, avoiding trees and utility boxes. I laughed hard and called Rob, needing to tell someone of my silliness and knowing he wouldn't judge me.

He totally judged me, but I think mostly because I had full hands while driving. Again. At least this time, I actually found the street.
Rob and I exchanged Christmas gifts. He got me a new, smaller camera. I love it. I'm still learning how to use it and all, but it takes great photos.

Blake loves taking pictures. This one even turned out okay (old camera, though).

Showing off his "skateboarding shoes" from Uncle Bing. They finally fit. He really likes them. Too bad his street cred can't withstand the sippy cup in his hand.

If I remember correctly, this is Spiderman all tied up? Something like that. I don't want to be like one of those mothers, but doesn't this seem advanced for a three-year-old?

The buggy Jell-O. He loved it.

Helping (doing) the Spiderman puzzle. It's a bit beyond him yet.

New camera! Thanks Rob!

One of three decent pics Blake took. He took about forty.

"Mom! I'm gonna get you!"
"Not if I get you first! RAAAR!"

The M - we were shooting the sunset on Pete's Hill.

Me staying warm next to the camera.

We went up Bridger Canyon for some shots, and while Rob got some time lapse stuff, Blake and I had a snowball fight.

I got to babysit Maddox! Once he was fed, he was cheerful, but before that, LOOK OUT. The kid has some lungs on him!

Chad and Lindsey K. They made fun of me for keeping them from leaning together. I stand by my assertion that it makes people look funny... and here they look normal. Ish.

Aubyn, me, and Molly - aren't we cute?

Yes, they are praying. Yes, I'm still taking a picture.


The street toughs that accosted me with delightful dancing technique.
Morgan, Ruth, Riley
Emme, Grace
(Aubyn, please correct me if I'm wrong!)

My delightful and handsome parents.

Yes, we are doing the Macarena. No, I'm not checking out my mom's bum.

Ok, I probably was. You know me!

Me and Laubster. She's the best.

Janelle and Seth. Janelle has pretty intimidating dancing skills, but I was not afraid.

You know who else has mad dancing skills? Bing. He was in fine form and damn funny.

I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Bing, Lane, and Julian (Bing's brother).

Congrats you guys!


Joy Joy said...

I love all the photos, Ad! You looked absolutely smashing at the party (which, by the way, looked like quite the shindig! Im so bummed I missed it!).

Janelle Wilson said...

I am honored. I'm so glad SOMONE gets my dance moves. I know are they are often misinterpreted. It was good to see you, Macarena Queen.