Monday, January 19, 2009

see that girl, watch that scene

I got this email last week from a dear friend who wanted to encourage me. It worked:

So this is your mission, should you choose to accept it. Get a babysitter, go pick a new bottle of wine you've never had... in fact... pick it purely by the looks of the label. Close your blinds, blast the music, drop your pants, and start the revolution. That's right, get snockered, turn up the music, and dance your naked butt off. LOL. I dare you.

I love you babe, and as much as I can do from here, you can count on me.

Now get it on, dancing queen. ;)

I haven't done this. Yet.


1 comment:

Cat said...

That sounds totally therapeutic. I may have to do this myself. Hats off - er, ah - bottoms off, to your friend.

I gotta buy some blinds.