Monday, January 5, 2009

tools of satan

  • long engagements
  • facebook - for wasting so much of my time
  • wedding planning checklists
  • decorated Christmas cookies that are thisclosetomyface
  • electronic toys, most of which I gave to my own son, thereby shooting myself in the foot (when I should have aimed for my ears)
  • caffeine dependency
  • feet and feet of snow without the time to play enough in it
  • driving over a bump so big that the topper to the truck FLEW OFF


T said...

other tools of satan:

*donuts brought in by co-workers
*gyms closing for christmas break
*eharmony commercials

just a few that i feel like mentioning i have others they are just well you know kinda private :)

miss your face!

Janelle Wilson said...

Yay for tools of Satan (the post, not the ACTUAL tools, of course)! Also, wet mittens, rap music, and Costco why, yes... I DO need 14 pounds of dried mangoes, thank you!

Unknown said...

The Tool of Jesus that smashed the Wedding Checklist Tool of Satan is Real Simple's Wedding magazine. It's slender and actually helpful. I would say that was created by not only Satan but also his minions.