Sunday, January 4, 2009

wild montana skies

I am ready to go home now. After a night of poor sleep (we had a slumber party at Rob's, and a wealth of little problems woke me up and kept me up for much of the night), what will be almost three weeks away from home, and the realization that I'll have lots to catch up on when I arrive, I'm just now feeling that pressure to get back, get settled, and get moving.

I haven't even seen any of my Bozeman friends since getting engaged. ACK! Unless a lot of snow has melted off in Bozeman, I'll have about two feet to shovel out before I can even reach my door. I need a little bit of privacy and slightly more organized time away from Blake (I love preschool). I need to visit at least one location we're thinking of for a reception, and need to start really planning the details with all my friends anxious to help... as I do not intend on giving myself stress-induced hives during this wedding planning. They were not fun for the last one.

I have a lot on my plate and am finding it hard to even think today (I need SLEEP), but figured an update was due.

I miss everyone. I miss my bed. I miss Blake's regular schedule. I miss driving myself around, and I miss my car. It will be good to be home, but it has sure been wonderful to be here.


Sharon said...

As much as I enjoyed the last two weeks away from work for the most part....I find I am more motivated and organized during my work week -- and that is necessary for life - at least every now and then ;)

I will be praying for you, Addie, as the Lord prepares your heart for your wedding.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget at some time you really should change your blog name!!

lanerdoo said...

no no happy as you may be you will always be somewhat cynical, it is in our blood. Don't lose that definitive part of your personality...I find it charming.

Addie said...

Yeah, if I were going to do anything, it would be to register the domain name. Make it official. I might be happy, but there's still a softer side of cynical. You're seeing more of the "softer" lately.