Saturday, February 21, 2009


(copied over from our wedding blog, because it has so little to do with wedding and so much more to do with me)

This photo makes me laugh, which makes me happy. So happy that we might have bobblehead cake toppers. We'll see.

My friend Nichole runs an Italian foods store here in Bozeman (with her mom), and Blake and I stopped in today to register. I had fun picking things out and asking Nichole for her advice on items and what to do with them. She's a fantastic cook and provides recipes for many of the ingredients you can find there. Blake had a cookie, and I had a cappuccino and almond tart before we got started, and I was transformed.

After having cafe con leche in Spain and cafe au lait in Paris, I have tried to find something similar here in the States. It has not worked, and I think I know why...
European coffee: amazing quality, small quantities
American coffee: marginal-at-best quality, amazing quantities

I have now found my new day-time coffee shop. The quantities are small, but so are the prices, and the pastries you can pick up alongside are incredible (homemade by N. and her mother). In fact, N. has agreed to let me swing by before work on the days I'm in the office to grab a freshly brewed cappuccino that actually tastes good and isn't cloyingly sweet, as the ones I usually get from a kiosk are.

I'm so excited for next Tuesday!

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Jessielynn said...

Ninapenda kahawa. That means "I love coffee," and it's one of my best Swahili sentences so far. Are you impressed?