Sunday, February 22, 2009

that's what they said

B: I'd like you to rub my biscuits. 'Cause that makes them wake up. They are kind of asleep.

Or resting.
('biscuits' is our name for buns/bum/bottom/rear end)

B: I want to watch the video with my dad in it. 'Cause I love him. And I want him to come back to OUR house.

But I don't want him to cough on me because that's silly.

B: Grandmas are grils, and I'm not a gril. I'm the man.

A: You're a silly girl!
E: No, I'm not!
A: Yes, I think you might be!
E: Silly girl? No, I'm a sneaky elf.

(via chat with Rob's best friend, a guy)
L: What?
Why are you looking at me like that?

A: Those pants make your face look big.

L: pfft
/takes off pants and puts dress back on

We'll get along fine, methinks.

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Jess and Eric said...

that video is hilarious. and rob's wearing my shirt. well, it's his shirt. but i gave it to him. :) you guys are awesome.