Friday, February 20, 2009

sufi poets - who knew they could be so fun?

T gave me a book I've yet to read, but I'm trying something new: exercise daily and no new projects after 9:00 pm. Last night, I read a magazine cover to cover, which is awesome, since I'm honestly about ten magazines behind. I just don't make time to read... but I'm working on it. So I hope to read this new book (she bought it used, which I love - who else has read this book?) sooner than later.

But as her card to go along with the new book, she included a sweet note that I won't share, and a poem by Hafiz that I cannot help but share below. He is apparently her favorite poet, and I might steal him as my own after seeing another one of his poems here.

Ok, here's part of the note anyway:
"i'm glad momica let you be born (really that's what she did when she spent hours deep breathing and not cursing, 'cause we know she hates cursing)."

Me too, and yes, she does.
the sun once glimpsed God's true nature
and has never been the same.
thus that radiant spehere
constantly pours its energy upon this earth
as does He from behind the veil.
with a wonderful God like that
why isn't everyone a screaming drunk?



Janelle Wilson said...

I love surprise endings.

Anonymous said...

Yes, T., at least you are listening to me! I love the ending of that psalm. Thanks for sharing. What kind of name is Hafiz? Momica