Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what? you wanted more photos?

"Blake, how do you feel about the special treat of Burger King?"

No squishing, there's lots of room.

Now, squish in tight!

Here's the deal: our children will have tiny hamster eyes, but I bet they'll still be DAMN CUTE.

Poor Blake, held up by sleeping by the strap across his neck. He lolled all over the place and drooled like you wouldn't believe.

Gosh, I love that kid.

The Crazies. Yes, this was a drive-by shooting.

Joy-joy's baby shower: Judy, Teri, Grammie Claire.

Meggie, looking forward to being a grammie!

Kathy, Gail, Judy.

Hannah, Marcia, Claire, Teri, Robin, Stef.

Judy, Monica, Aubyn.

Joy-joy was tickled by each and every gift, and you can see the by pile that there were only a handful.


Laubster, surprised and in her natural state.

For the wee skier.

Blake's birthday. He went from wanting a Transformer cake to Transformer cupcakes...

So this is what he got: one Transformer cupcake. And it's supposed to be red, not pink... but I would have emptied the food coloring bottle into the frosting.

Laubster, inserting herself into a sweet family moment. She's a nice girl.

If you're not covered in black frosting, you're not doing it right.

And, Mom & Dad officially win with the BEST GIFT EVER. What I didn't count on was having to read it to him, despite it being full of pictures.

Grammie Monica teaching Grammie Claire how to transform B's two biggest Transformers. Grammies rule the world.

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aubyn said...

I thinks its funny they gave me the camera now that Im cross-eyed. Im sure the pictures did not turn out....